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Precautions during boxing training after breast surgery

Precautions during boxing training after breast surgery

The most important thing after breast surgery is to pace yourself. Note that it is only normal to feel fatigued and experience pain and discomfort.  Your body experiences trauma during surgery this is why you need to give it some time to heal and recover.

There is a big difference between a quick recovery and delayed healing due to unexpected complications. For this reason, surgeons provide patients with careful guidelines and instructions regarding proper recovery measures to prevent complications and achieve the results that the patient’s desire.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, it is only understandable that you want to return to your fitness activities after your surgery. However, you need to understand that your body may not be ready yet. You should not engage in any activities, especially within 24 to 48 hours after your surgery.  Within this period, it is essential to have someone that can help you do tasks like cooking, taking care of the laundry, cleaning, etc. After a week, most patients that follow the strict post-op care instructions can return to their everyday tasks or work. But it still is not advised to do strenuous activities. 

With regards to boxing, most surgeons advise patients to wait for at least six weeks before returning to this sport. However, it is still best to consult with your surgeon to give you the green light.

There are talks about banning people who underwent breast surgery from boxing. This is because breast tissues can be damaged if they are repeatedly hit. However, this is not true at all. If breast surgery is done well, patients can return to boxing after being fully healed.

The only precaution you must take upon returning to boxing is wearing proper clothing that will add protection and added support in your chest area.

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgery done to increase breast size. Most patients undergo this surgery in order to have a proportional body look while others get it to boost their confidence. There are also patients who get this surgery to rebuild their breast because of various conditions. 

Care is important to achieve the best results

If there is one thing that patients should mind after getting the best breast augmentation sydney is the healing process. Although the recovery period is relatively four to six weeks, it still depends on how the patient is taking care of her body following the surgery. If you want to avoid complications, you must adjust your schedule at least for the first few weeks. Exercising is good and can actually help your body to heal; however, doing too much can harm your body and prolong your recovery. On top of this, you might be facing complications that may be the cause for your surgery to be unsuccessful. 

Getting plenty of rest is a good start after breast surgery. But this doesn’t mean you just have to lie down or sit the whole day. You also need to move in order to have good blood circulation, which is needed to speed up healing. Taking short walks and doing light stretching are good physical activities that you can within one to two weeks after your surgery. In about three weeks, you can return to the gym or do home workouts activities like taking long walks, walking on an inclined treadmill and stationary biking. During this period, a strenuous activity like boxing, swimming, push-ups is still to be avoided.

After six to eight weeks, you can visit your surgeon for a check-up and evaluate your body condition. If you are cleared, only then can you return to boxing and other high impacts physical activity. 

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